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Sports programs cost money. Between costs of traveling to tournaments and purchasing uniforms and equipment, the expenses can add up very quickly. When the money is a little tight, that’s exactly where fundraising comes in! 

If Fundraising is not for you but you wish to help you can send money via CashApp to $LadyRimRockerz. Every little bit helps!!

Team Fundraising

We understand that often the child may want to participate in organize sports. However, parents may not have the extra funding . Jump Forward Athletics helps the athlete with fundraising to raise money to cover expenses that they may accrue to cover uniforms and equipment, travel costs, or tournament fees. We want our super stars to have the best opportunities possible. And this is a great way to boost your community involvement and raise money for your team while also offering a unique opportunity for local businesses to gain some good PR.


99Pledges specializes in helping organizations like yours host the most engaging yet simple fundraisers possible. With a focus on pledge campaigns, these fundraisers are a great way to drum up community support and raise money for a cause you care about! 

With a pledge fundraising campaign, participants (likely team members) gather support in the form of pledges, or promised donations to be collected at a future date. Donations are often pledged as a certain amount of money per lap/mile/point/other activity successfully completed within the timeframe. 


Put a fun, sporty spin on a traditional walk-a-thon that your team is sure to love by hosting a shot-a-thon. This can easily be adapted to your favorite sport— whether that’s football, basketball, baseball, or soccer. Kids can even get some practice time in while earning money for their team!

Simply gather pledges from friends and family members that agree to sponsor each “shot,” and then get to playing. Be sure to set some parameters ahead of time, such as the number of opportunities or time limit each player has to make their shots, or the distance from which they are required to stand.

Team Fundraising Letters

Encourage your team’s youth athletes to flex their humble muscles by writing fundraising letters to your local community.

Ask the kids to express genuinely what participating in your youth program means to them in letters to your community. Send them out to supporters to your program, whether local businesses or other influential members of your community.

In these letters, ask for donations both financial and in-kind. When local businesses see the good your program does for kids in the community, they’ll be inspired to encourage the good work!

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