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Founder/Executive Director

George Oliver Jr is the Founder/Executive Director, an enduring mentor, an inspiring motivational speaker, and a vibrant author. Oliver has  gained tremendous insight from life experiences and began to develop the concept for Jump Forward Inc.

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My Story

George Oliver Jr was born in Millbrook, Alabama. When he was seven months old, his family moved to  College Park Georgia. Like many youths growing up in and around his neighborhood, George found himself, after graduating high school, hanging and dealing in the streets. Because of this lure to the street, George faced 20 years in federal prison. As lessons were learned, he created a recording of mass incarceration about President Obama's initiative with prison reform for the Obama Foundation, which is currently in the Library of Congress. He has participated in several speaking engagements for the Urban League of Greater Atlanta. Mr. Oliver was contracted with the U.S. Attorney Office Community Outreach program as a Credible Messenger speaker at various events, where he participated in a documentary titled "Released: when will the sentence end." He also was filmed in a documentary titled "Father Day" concerning the effect of incarcerated fathers and their children.

George has volunteered as a mentor with "Freedom is a Choice, "Offender Alumni Association (O.A.A), Credible Messenger with The U.S. Attorney's Office Project Safe Neighborhood (P.S.N.), and joined the National Mentor Project. Mr. Oliver has also completed the "Furthering Fathering Inc" H.E.A.R.T. certification, which helps empower fathers' reconnection with their children and legitimizes their legal rights. His dedication and passion for the community and youth are his driving force for change. He has spoken at local universities, federal prisons, and the federal halfway in Atlanta. He is working on his second book, which embodies his life filled with lessons, guides, and experience. 

Mr. Oliver is on the advisory board for the Park and Recreational Department for the City of South Fulton. He is currently co-facilitator for the inaugural Federal Re-Entry court  on behalf of O.A.A. at the federal court house under two sitting federal judges. He is contracted as an mentor for the Georgia Justice Projects for their clients. He obtained a Master's in Strategic Leadership Development, Bachelor's degree in Administrative Management, an Associate in Business Technology, a Legal Assistant/Paralegal diploma, and numerous certifications from Atlanta Technical College. He facilitate a Male Initiative program through Inspiring Body Inc as speaker. He is also the Director of the CP Lady Rim Rockers traveling girls AAU basketball program.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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