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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Karsten Brinson born 1973, from Clay Homes, a government housing project located in Marietta, GA. is the product of a single parent home, raised by his mother, a devoted church going woman. At the age of 15, Karsten began to struggle with the temptation and the peer pressures that many misguided youths suffer from. Karsten sought out the streets of metro Atlanta for his refuge and by the age of 22 he had been arrested over a dozen times and found himself serving 14 years in federal confinement. 

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My Story

Karsten Brinson started a life of hanging and dealing in the streets at an early age. Due to this infatuation with the streets, Karsten was convicted of selling drugs. Upon his release, over the next seven years, Karsten started a family but continued living life in the fast lane.  It would not be until February 3, 2004 that Karsten would begin his road to redemption.  Karsten found himself subject to an arrest that lead to a 13 year bid in federal prison. 

Once released, this time Karsten was determined to be more of a positive light in the world and promote change within the urban community. While serving time, Karsten surrendered his life to God and never looked back. By embracing his faith, Karsten recognized his deficiencies and began working towards being a better man and father for himself, his children, and the community. In 2007, God called Karsten to preach, and use his talents in a better light, and due to his hard work and dedication, Karsten received his first ordination in 2010. Rev Brinson worked diligently assisting various chaplains, mentoring at-risk youth, and serving as Christian Inmate Pastor for seven years. 

Since his release from prison, Rev. Brinson has shown no signs of slowing down, and has teamed up with many like minded members of the community co-founding Jump Forward Inc. to spread knowledge to influence today's youth providing an example of how one may have a challenging start in life, but with perseverance and the right team around, you can succeed. Rev Brinson says the work must go on!... "You are a part of your environment, it's up to you to make it better or worse." --Karsten Brinson


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